Phylum Brachiopoda: The Lamp Shells (September 25 & 27)

Please see the text and links in last week’s web entry. You’ll all learn soon that there are problems with homeomorphy among brachiopods. (A product of evolutionary convergence.) The linked paper provides one example of many. Remember that many brachiopod taxa are distinguished by internal features we don’t always see.

Your first lab test is Thursday, September 27, at 1:00 pm. Both lab rooms will be closed at 6:00 am that day, so get your fill of specimens before then. The lab test is timed stations, so if you’re not there by 1:00 pm you will miss stations and thus points.

Ordovician strophomenid brachiopod encrusted with bryozoans and craniid brachiopods.

Geology in the News –

You may have heard that mammoths are about to be cloned. Fake news!

Great music video on evo-devo. Starts with hox genes. “This is how we go from single cells to people.” The channel A Capella Science is highly recommended!

Paleontologists are now using neutron scanners to make ultra-high resolution images of vertebrate fossils. Very cool results.

Arctic lakes are now bubbling out massive amounts of the potent greenhouse gas methane. This is not good.

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